Firmware can be updated via the webUI on the system tab. In the event that the unit is unable to be reached via the web interface and a firmware corruption is suspected you can restore the firmware by using one of the following process:

Factory Reset

To restore the unit to factory default, press and hold the Factory button down for 20 seconds. Release the factory button and the WIFI range LED should flash rapidly for a few seconds. The orange WIFI led will go out while the unit reboots, then once restoring to factory defaults will flash again. Once the orange WIFI led has gone out, the unit is factory reset.

Restoring firmware via USB

Copy firmware to USB stick (FAT16/32 Formatted), firmware file must be named itronhab01.img

Reset unit holding down Reset and Factory buttons

Release Reset button, continue holding Factory button until Wifi LED goes out

If firmware update file found Wifi LED will start flashing

Once firmware restore is complete, unit will reset